• Shane Fairchild

Elevating your success through mentorship

As we move into Fall, I start to reflect on the past year and all the lessons learned that help me to be a better servant leader, father, husband and so much more. I’m truly grateful for all of these experiences and for the friends and family that have supported me along the way. With that said, I believe it’s important to help one another, give back and pay it forward. I’d like to invite Accounting, Finance, Audit & Tax Executive Leadership in my network to join me and partake in a Mentorship Program to help someone else early in their career and provide them with guidance so that we can help shape our future, collaborate and mindshare. For Mentors interested, please contact me at for more information. Additionally, for Mentees interested in participating in a mentorship program with an experienced professional, please contact me and I will email you a brief questionnaire to complete. Even the greats like Michael Jordan had a coach. A coach or mentor can help you elevate yourself to overcome obstacles that you may struggle with and can push you to achieve success.

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