Executive Search

Helping organizations find their most important assets…their people

Specializing in Accounting, Finance, Crypto and Blockchain


Who we are


Four Pillars Talent​ is an Executive Search & Recruitment firm specializing in helping organizations find, attract, hire and retain accounting, finance, digital assets/cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals across all industries nationwide from middle management up through C-Suite executive level. In addition to management and executive level direct hires, we assist with succession planning and confidential searches.

Our purpose is to assist both the organizations and the professionals we serve by bringing them together in a mutually beneficial relationship by connecting the right people with the right companies and careers opportunities.  We do this because of the impact we have on making a difference for our clients. We love helping organizations grow their business and helping professionals thrive in their careers.

Looking to hire exceptional talent, improve team performance, strengthen operational effectiveness and grow your business? In order to ensure your long-term success, we’ve formed strategic partnerships to add value and elevate your organization and leadership to propel you forward. We’ve expanded our services to include executive coaching to aid in leadership development and emotional intelligence acuity, as well as, Value Creation, Growth and Innovation.


Employer Services

  1. Company Ethos & "why" Evaluation

  2. SWOT Analysis

  3. Diagnostic Exam

  4. Recommendations & Options

  5. Finding Transformational Leader

  6. Facilitating Interview Process

  7. Ensuring alignment beyond placement


Professional Services

  1. Four Pillar Quotient Analyzation

  2. EQ & IQ Evaluation

  3. Find Your Why Assessment

  4. Career Mapping

  5. Executive Coaching

  6. Interview Preparation

  7. Charting your Course


What makes us different

  • Our team consists of CPA's with public accounting & industry experience & possess functional expertise

  • Well established network built on trust with access to top performers that covet confidentiality

  • Access to hidden career opportunities not posted on job boards or company websites

  • One point of contact throughout the entire process so the message is clear and consistent

  • Collaborative relationship driven: focus is on creating win-win outcomes for both clients & candidates

  • Mission thinking: we want what's best for you

  • Each search is unique: we customize a search strategy to engage in attracting top talent to yield the best outcome

  • Unencumbered by off-limit issues common in large firms, we are able to find the perfect candidate

  • We start with "why" (purpose), values and culture to ensure alignment with potential candidates

  • Our motto is "Bigger isn't better, better is better"

  • We created a unique strategic process to pair companies with the best fitting candidate




When it comes to finding talent for your accounting, finance, digital assets/cryptocurrency and blockchain related roles, it’s a valuable task that will elevate your organization when done right or cost your organization when done poorly.  If your organization needs to fill a critical role, you need a partner and trusted advisor that works with you beyond placement to ensure long term fit and success.  We work with Board Members and Executives across all industries with public and privately held companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies to ensure the next hire elevates organizational performance in the long run. Our approach reduces your development costs and ensures a higher long-term success rate, creating more value for your business.

We help organizations by finding their most important assets…their people.  Their people in turn help elevate the organization to add value and achieve success relative to their mission.

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We help professionals by engaging in meaningful conversations to help guide them towards finding their purpose so that they can find a role that provides meaning and brings them fulfillment in alignment with their career aspirations. We take the time to listen and understand your goals and priorities to ensure the right fit with the opportunities we present for consideration. We genuinely care. We realize transitioning into a new role/company is a big deal and our purpose is to help you throughout the process to help alleviate some of the stress involved when deciding which path to take that is in your best interests. 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain

Perhaps we can help you "find your why"

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