Search Models Defined

Four pillars talent is a boutique executive search firm specializing in retained, engaged and exclusive contingent search offerings. We conduct non-exclusive contingent searches on a limited basis. We offer a variety of payment arrangements and full replacement guarantees for each of these types of searches and can tailor the search to suite your needs. Below is an overview for these types of searches. 

Retained Search is reserved as a higher level service which includes a dedicated recruiting project team with superior expertise to represent your organization and attract both mid and senior executive level passive candidates. Clients who are looking to fill mid and senior executive level vacancies and confidential replacement searches generally prefer retained search. We track all of the candidates we communicate with and provide ongoing updates to the client with the progress and status of the search. This model is designed to give the client the confidence that the entire search is being fully managed and that they have a dedicated team of experts who are providing them with the best viable candidates in the market.

Engaged Search is a hybrid model and is often the logical choice for clients who would still like the superior performance of retained search, but with the urgency, upfront cost efficiency and payment structure that is competitive with Contingent Search. The engaged search is an excellent model for critical hiring needs that need to be fulfilled by a defined date. We suggest this model for clients who have hiring vacancies that must be completed within a 6-8 week window as we put a greater sense of urgency towards the search.

Contingent Search is generally preferred by clients for lower-level searches when they would like to work with multiple recruiting firms on their searches, in addition to their own internal recruiting efforts.