Search Process


Four pillars talent strives to be a trusted search partner for the organizations we serve. Our team of recruiters work with you closely to understand your requirements and deliver value. Our search process is outlined below.

Establish the search objectives, gain an understanding of your organization and create search strategy

  • Discuss the parameters of the role and conduct a deep dive to understand your organization.

    • We engage in discussion to understand the client’s requirements and challenges. We determine the organizational structure, corporate culture, values, key competitors, value proposition/company’s sizzle, management style and personality of the team/key stakeholders. We obtain a high-level understanding of the company’s history and plans for the future. We discuss compensation, perks and benefits in advance to help expedite search process in the latter stages. Additionally, we discuss the interview process to level set expectations along with the timeline depending on the type of search service requested (i.e. retained, engaged, contingent).


  • Define candidate requirements for the search.

    • We compile a comprehensive report based on our analysis to create a written search assignment: position requirements (technical skillset, soft skills, education and certification qualifications, roles and responsibilities, benefits and compensation, etc.).


  • Create a customized search strategy.

    • We conduct targeted research to compile a robust list of sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include but are not limited to: networking with industry & functional contacts, referrals, trade associations, executive level contacts, proprietary databases, sourcing calls and state of the art recruiting tools and technologies.

Initiate the search to attract and evaluate candidates

  • Start identifying potential candidates.

    • Our executive search team employs our customized search strategy to engage with potential candidates to share the client message with the market. We develop a long list of prospects best qualified for the role. We then contact these targeted candidates to encourage them to consider discussing the new opportunity.

  • Conduct interviews, qualify prospects and check references.

    • We assess qualifications, aptitudes, attitudes, motivations, career alignment and qualify accomplishments based upon client requirements. We conduct reference checks with a variety of contacts including supervisors, peers and direct reports to better understand both personality and technical strengths and areas of improvement.

Present the most qualified candidates and oversee interview process with client

  • Present list of candidates to the client and confirm alignment.

    • We discuss our “short list” of qualified candidates with the client and confirm agreement to move forward and/or recalibrate our search as needed.

  • For our senior level executive searches, candidates consult with an executive coach and perform a comprehensive EQi-360© assessment (which includes a 3-part multi-dimensional evaluation around: leadership strength finders, personality and emotional intelligence).

  • Manage client/candidate interviews and help you select the final candidates.

    • We assist in coordinating logistics of interview process, including pre- and post-interview briefings with candidates and clients. We consult with our clients to narrow down “short list” to finalists.

  • Conduct pre-offer preparation.

    • We reconfirm compensation expectations, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. We are committed to ensuring the extended offer will result in acceptance.

Extend offer and complete the search

  • Present the offer to the candidate and assist with any negotiations

    • We present all components of offer, including: compensation (base salary, bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.) benefits, title, reporting structure, and start date. We seek to finalize terms agreement by keeping both the client’s and candidate’s best interests in mind.

  • Obtain a formal acceptance of the offer.

    • We obtain a signed offer letter and help manage the candidate resignation process including written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.


  • Stay in contact with you and follow up with your new hire beyond placement.

    • We aide in the onboarding and transition period through periodic follow up with both our clients and candidates to ensure a smooth transition. Our goal is to contribute to the success of your organization along with our candidate’s career objectives to ensure alignment.


  • For our senior level executive searches, candidates consult with an executive coach on a periodic basis as a resource to further enhance our commitment to our clients by ensuring the long-term success of our placements for your organization.